Friday, November 19, 2010

I look for you in everyone I see now,
No one measures up, not even close.
I'm always looking for what I felt in your arms
The first time you held me,
For what I saw in your eyes
The first time you saw me,
For what I heard in your voice
The first time you told me,
For what I knew in my heart
The first time it hit me.
There's no other arms I want to run to.
No other pair of eyes I want to look into.
No other voice I need to hear.
No other heart I'd rather hold.
It was you from the beginning,
You came and you saved me,
You found me
When no one else was even looking.
It was you it was you it was you
It is you it is you it is you.
I can't fool myself into wanting another
when all I want is you.
I'll lie here broken on this floor
until I feel you again
and I won't get up for anyone else.
You are the one I want.

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