Sunday, November 30, 2008

maybe maybe.

maybe maybe next year i will go on the youth group mission trip to the Phillipines.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

next year...

a couple of months ago when time came to choose my year 12 subjects for 2009, i chose the dumbest subjects i possibly could so that i could get NCEA level 2 and ditch school forever.

and then last week i bought the november AP magazine. and i was reading the article about anberlin, who are one of my all time favourite bands. and there was something Stephen Christian said that stuck with me and for the next few days i thought about it. he said this;
"actually going through with college, and taking some of the coolest classes you could imagine, is something i wouldn't trade for anything. i think everyone should get an education...... i'd never tell anyone not to pursue their passion, but when education is avaliable to everyone, it'd be silly not to take advantge of that." (Stephen Christian, pge 130, issue 244, AP)

completely changed my view of education.
funny how someone you don't know, but have big respect for, can change the way you think.

and then i went to rotorua to lead at a church camp for 12 & 13 year olds, and we watched the "how great is our God" DVD by Louie Giglio, which i encourage everyone to watch, cause it's super powerful. i'd seen it before but this time i realised that contrary to popular opinion, science brings you closer to God. and that i should take biology next year instead of hospitality which i would get nothing out of.
that is a huge thing for me, cause i hate science class.
but i'm gonna take bio as long as i passed this years exam.
and i'm gonna learn about God's incredible creation.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

kia ora

i love it when days turn out to be funner than i expected them to be.
i only have one exam to go, and then freedom for 2 months!
i wish i had the discipline to study.
new killers album is nice.
my sunburn is peeling quite nicely. flaking everywhere. gross.
i need new shorts.
and togs.
and to learn to wear sunscreen.
i feel like having a dance party. with lots of bass. and fun beats. bring on summer.

57 days till parachute.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

good things.

i really love music with lyrics that force me to think about what they're trying to say.
like conor obersts music. and thrice.
and i really love when strangers say goodmorning.