Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i like coffee and Jesus, the killers, nice jeans and friendly smiles. i like the old man who checks his letterbox every saturday morning on my way to work and comments about the weather. i like when overseas friends come back. i like the secret awkward giggles when something funny happens in a serious situation. i like driving 45 minutes to a beach at 3am with someone i love. shooting stars. the feeling in my heart when a friend says 'i love you'. learning on my own time. change. being alone. but also being with people. i like days where 4 hours in the prayer room isn't enough. i like the future of 24/7 worship in my city. the high calibre of people i get to do life with everyday. i like unexpected relationships. i love weddings. boots. lyrics that move my heart. i love the indian accent. i love americans. talented friends and friends who were only for a season. and i like the inbetween, the anxiety overpowered by the faith that it's
i like this life.
i love this life.

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chrissybizzle said...

oh, i like you, so yup. x

(word at the bottom is wific, kinda like wifie yes? hahaha)