Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i just think this is cute.

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Alison Lam said...

THIS is hilarious! Did you ever hear of our discussion about what our "inner man" looks like... and I decided that He must have a beard. That He is our "bearded inner man".... THIS definitely proves it :)
Hehehehehehe. Miss ya, girl. Bless you. And I mean. Seriously, may God's blessing of bliss be upon you. God has blessedness for you in this post-internship season. I'm actually in a Phase 2 of the internship that I signed up for myself with the Lord. So far, I'm loving phase 2 :) Deepening the consecration! We were meant for the depths. Go deeper still! Love from Canada. Email me or visit my website: http://alisonlam.com ~Ali.