Thursday, December 4, 2008

tidy room.

today i decided to tidy my room.
because it was messy.
so i started. made my bed.
had the killers playing nice and loud because music is essential.

didn't realise Grandad had rocked up to drop off a cauliflower and a cabbage.
he called the killers a "din".
i loled.

enter my brother.
enter "human" by the killers.
commence dance party involving some of our finest moves. you should've seen us. we're gonna be famous one day for our dancing skills.

daytime TV caught me.
Tyra, Dr Phil, Jeremy Kyle, Oprah, rerun of home and away, rerun of shortland street.
you know, the goods.

Tyra Banks was talking to these people about healthy lifestyle etc,
so i went for a run.

the Almost acoustic EP is nice.
48 days till parachute.

and my room is still a mess.

1 comment:

chrissybizzle said...

ahahahaha i love this.
and you.