Monday, December 8, 2008

homes of hope.

today i talked to this guy who publishes a newsletter for Prolink business group thingy, and he asked me about the time my whanau spent at the homes of hope.
Level of Abuse Opens Lauren's Eyes.
It’s a huge eye opener to a young girl of eleven, to see
how much abuse can be dished out to children of any
age. When the parents of young Lauren Ness decided
that they would offer their family as a support mechanism
to abused kids, they got more than they bargained
for. Having 2 sets of brothers living with them
who had a history of mental and emotional abuse was
possibly the hardest thing they ever did. But such was
their compassion for others and their belief in what
love and support can do for children, that they carried
it through and the results were amazing. Lauren, now
16, reflects on 6 months that have simply shaped her
as a young adult, and her motivation to keep helping
the work of Homes Of Hope has increased because
she has seen first hand the kind of results that are
possible. The children that arrived suffering from lack
of trust to anger issues, brought on by a lifetime of
abuse, went back to their own parents completely
changed such was the love and the effort that
went into taking care of them. Its proof that keeping
the children together and giving them all the same
opportunity to grow and be encouraged under the
same roof can have an incredible effect on all those
who are involved. Children and adults alike.
Lauren describes Homes of Hope as “an amazing
charity, I have seen it grow and I am completely encouraged
by what it is doing in the community… I will do
anything I can to help” True to her word Lauren has
been the driving force behind an initiative at Tauranga
Girls College which saw them raise over $850.00 for
the charity with other initiatives planned for 2009. If
there is anyone out there reading this who would like
to put their hands up and help, then please contact
Hilary Price on 07579-1090 or email or go to
and click on “Make a donation”

if you don't know what homes of hope is or does, ask me (:

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