Saturday, April 16, 2011

the feeling of being so sure about something you plan a tattoo about it.
best friends who would literally go to hell and back with you.
I love the city skyline at night.
I love the way he held me.
bus drivers who wave.
sitting in the sun with an ice cold beer.
sleeping in.
I deserve better than him.
there goes the fear again, honey.
I do some of my best work when I'm really alive.
in love.
grab a girl and dance, your number's almost up.
inspired by regrets, make the best of the messy nights.
grace for the restart, everlasting.
I'll give you my whole world before I let you leave,
and it'll still mean nothing.
I want to be okay.
look before you cross.
I used to be wrecked for the ordinary,
now I don't know anything.
let me see what you see, I want to feel everything.
take me back to the start of the chapter, baby let's rewrite the book.

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Maxi said...

Beautiful, very striking.