Friday, May 21, 2010

The last two weeks have been trying, painful and long. My heart feels the ache of lost friendships, wasted time and bad choices. I've been up all hours of the night and trying to keep myself busy during the day, spent many, many hours in prayer and contemplation. Meditating on the word and offering up my voice in worship to the King of Kings, even when my heart breaks in the music. And amongst it all I've continually heard the still small whisper of His promise. That He has delivered my eyes from tears, He has been abundantly good to me, He embraces me with kindness, He takes me to dine at His table and His banner over me is love. He has set my heart free. This is why I keep getting up in the morning. This is why I keep going back to Him. Because I believe He is faithful, even in the wilderness. Even when people aren't. I turn my gaze to Him. I remind myself of why I live like I do. For the Glory of this man. My heart is once again a testimony to His incredible goodness. I will forever stand in awe.

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Anonymous said...

this is wonderful.
keep strong darling.
there is a beautiful life ahead of you trust me :)