Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Your brain doesn't stop growing until you're 26, so from birth to 26, God is slowly turning the lights on, and you're groggy pointing out things like circle and blue and car and then sex and job and health-care. The experience is so slow you could easily come to believe that life isn't that much of a big deal, that life isn't staggering. What i'm saying is that I think life is staggering and we're just used to it. We're all like spoiled children no longer impressed with the gifts we're given- it's just another sunset, just another rainstorm coming in over the mountain, just another child being born, just another funeral."
Don Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years


Kaits said...

mhmm, i enjoyed that :) your posts are gret, love. x

lauren joy said...

i'm glad! you should read his books, super inspiring (:

Shannon said...

super good like this alot! love you.x