Sunday, November 29, 2009

so i was thinking now would be a good time to introduce myself to all you good looking people who follow i was a kaleidoscope. thanks for that, by the way.
first off, the title of the blog really has no particular significance. about a year ago i wanted to make a blog, and i was listening to deathcab for cutie. that's pretty much it.

sup homies?
my name's lauren joy ness. i'm 17. i live in tauranga new zealand. it's easily the coolest place in the world... however, i've never been anywhere but nz, so i wouldn't know. haha.
i live with my parentals, my big brobar daniel and my little sissar becky. they rule, i love my family more than anything on earth. (except maybe cucumber and licourice.)
i go to a rad church called changepoint, and i'm interning there next year.
i dropped out of school after 6th form. my best friend is sammy griggs. i drink buttloads of coffee.
my ears are stretched to 16mm, i have a nose ring, and my tragus pierced. i play guitar, and sing. sometimes. i'm disgustingly sarcastic 87% of the time. i talk a lot.
i work at a cafe and i love it. i don't drink alcohol. i hate sushi. i spend most of my life on facebook, or blogspot. and the other part of my life at church or at burgerfuel with people from church.
i really enjoy my life, i have extremely good looking friends.
i have a bone diesase called osteogenisis imperfecta tybe B. basically means i have weak bones. i've broken 27 bones in my life.
the whites of my eyes are blue.
i dropped maths after 5th form.
i don't sleep very well a lot of the time. i love candy canes. i'm really impatient. i love reading blogs. i have size 9 feet.
i have the attention span of a 10 year old boy. i love roadtrips and all nighters. i listen to a weird variety of music.
the killers, bright eyes, kanye west, city & colour and gym class heroes are my faves of all time ever.
i saw the killers live with my brother on the 8th of april this year, it made my life.
i like boys with nice fashion sense and a bit of facial hair. in saying this, my love life is tragically non-existant. i don't really like texting, or talking on the phone. facebook or in person conversations please.
i believe in hope and love over anything and everything.
burn, by usher is my favourite song in the world ever. most people think this is a joke. this is not a joke. i love that song.
i kinda love blogging. and i kinda love that people like reading my blogs. all the photos are from tumblr and most of the words are song lyrics, boring i know.. but you guys still follow me. hahaha.
peace out playas!
and if you ever wanna know anything else, add me on the book of face, or ask me on here (:
stay beautiful!


chrissybizzle said...

babe babe babe.

Lucy said...

You sound so fabulous. My name is Lucy; my blog is Thanks for the intro, it was nice to get to know you.

Kaits said...

I've been flollowing you for a while now, and was wondering when I'd get to know a little more about you :P ahah. My name's Kaitlyn btw, I think I might just have to check out this tumblr!