Friday, September 4, 2009

today was a good day, we had fun. we went to town and got coffee at esquires, and we saw emma and we saw jay, and then sam tried to embarrass me by yelling rude things at me. then we got back in sam's car and drove to bayfair and i got the jeans i wanted, and then we went to the mount and got half way to papamoa but turned around to go to a non-existant physio appointment. then we parked and stared at the boy with the nice jeans on and got energy drink and candy and bread, then we went for a drive to play on the swings and bethy came to sit in a tree with us and then we took bethy to ballet and decided that she is our favourite in the whole world, and then we went to the pet store and looked at the neon fish and the little dogs, and then we went to the warehouse and pretended to be cool, and we looked at the cactus aisle and made jokes that we thought were funny, and then we looked at vases and made the same kind of not funny jokes. then we went and embarrassed monica at work and went back to her place for a bit. sam pretended to give me a lap-dance while monica was getting changed. then saw a scary man trying to beat up a car. we called him batman. we got disgusting food for dinner and waited for runey to come see us in the new world carpark and get us things. and then he did, and i tried to make him teach me how to roll, but he was too blazed, so i made do with my dunhills. then we drove through a checkpoint and got really scared cos there was booze in the car. and sam was realllly good and the nice officer let us drive through and then we stopped to have a smoke and calm ourselves down while we waited for monicas boyfriend to come. then i went home.
all this just goes to say;
sammy g, you complete me. i know we spend most of our time being lame and embarrassing each other but i love you to the sky and back a million times. best friends forever. x

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