Monday, September 21, 2009

this week

going up:
kanye west, kanye west at the VMAs, kanye west jokes, running, VAMPIRE WEEKEND, spearmint gum, wagging school, birthday in a week, holidays soon, not smoking anymore, driving with dad, 3 days left of the term, tax refund, rice, facebook, making lollie-cake with my sister, dad making up songs about the cat, saying 'good-evening' to strangers when i run past them, people who say 'good-evening' back when i run past them, nail polish, acid-wash jeans, bethany and her brother having a conversation on my facebook status, fair-trade coffee/chocolate, going to the supermarket in my pajamas, going to youth group in my pajamas, going everywhere after 7 in my pajamas, being home alone and turning the music up really loud.

going down:
taylor swift, clapping, wearing shoes, anything orange, not smoking anymore, appliances that beep, people who don't say 'good-evening' back when i run past them, 5th formers during exam week, yasmin not being avaliable for coffee tomorrow, failing history straight through, stupid people.

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