Thursday, September 10, 2009

going up:
cole mohr & luke worrall, beards, tattoos, tight pants, nice legs, decent conversation, stretched ears, coffee, free coffee, coffee and cigarettes, kanye west, leaving school, seeing charlotte in the holidays, playlists, knucklebones, bethany, headrush, my sister, secrets, fun-day friday picnics, british accents, wagging school, twloha, my best friend, my youth pastor, my english teacher, ricky gervais, black licourice, coronation street, thunder & lightning, the people-who-actually-exist list by sammy and me, creep crushes, ngaio bringing us candy in english, mlia, momentum tomorrow, being late to school, leaving school at 3 or earlier, trying to get a detention before i finish school.

going down:
ice cream, cupcake tattoos, star tattoos, cold mornings, getting out of bed, dishonesty, school, people who talk about their sex lives in every sentence, biology, 8am starts on saturdays, missing people, stupid relationships, cupcakes, anxiety, texting, instant coffee, being fidgety, my brother's away till sunday, doctor's trying to send me to a shrink, sushi, exams, gabby being king at knucklebones, haven't seen lydia in a million years, i've never ever had a detention... and time is running out to get one.

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