Monday, September 7, 2009

3 weeks till my birthday, 2 and a half months till my last exam, summer, i have a severe caffeine addiction, i'm getting size 14mm plugs tomorrow, i cbf'd texting anyone back on telecom, noone texts me on vodafone, i get tomorrow afternoon off school, mocks next week, my daddy's out saving someone's life right now, i want an early night, coronation street's on tonight, my brother's moving to wellington next year and that makes me sad, i want my tattoo, i smoke too much, i'm obsessed with legs, i miss lydia, and chrissy, i just joined a social soccer team, i'll definately break a bone in the first game, i've worn the same 2 pairs of shoes everywhere for the last few months-they're identical black lace ups, i only listen to jimmy eat world, taking back sunday and kanye west now, i can't wait till parachute, i wish i was in auckland with sammy right now, my brother and mum are having a hilarious argument with my sister right now, i should study.

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chrissybizzle said...

i miss you SO MUCH. come to hamilton and stay with me please. and you can txt my 021. and i love you. and your family.