Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the circles under my eyes are intense.
i had a horrible nightmare. i woke up and my head was spinning crazy and i had to get up and walk around the house for half an hour at 3am. not nice. it was about my friends turning into vampires, like real vampires, none of this edward cullen nonsense. when i have nightmares, usually i wake up with a word or a phrase in my head, this time it was "bloodthirsty" and "beg". i promise you those words are scary when they're in a nightmare. and there's always a colour scheme, it's usually red and brown, and someone i love always dies or changes or kills me. is that normal? i had to pick up my bunnies again and tell them off for not keeping me safe like luc said they had to. then i finally stopped shaking and went to sleep again, and had a dream about a new place... it was nice.

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