Monday, July 20, 2009

here goes:
love over lust,
love on lust,
love oh lust,
love orange lust,
love oval lust,
love octopus lust,
love or lust,
love over lies,
love on lies,
love oh lies,
love orange lies,
love oval lies,
love octopus lies,
love or lies.
love over lauren,
love on lauren,
love oh lauren,
love orange lauren,
love oval lauren,
love octopus lauren,
love or lauren.
lemon over lime,
lemon on lime,
lemon oh lime,
lemon orange lime,
lemon oval lime,
lemon octopus lime,
lemon or lime.
lauren over llama,
lauren on llama,
lauren oh llama,
lauren orange llama,
lauren oval llama,
lauren octopus llama,
lauren or llama.
light over lane,
light on lane,
light oh lane,
light orange lane,
light oval lane,
light octopus lane,
light or lane.
laugh over loud,
laugh on loud,
laugh oh loud,
laugh orange loud,
laugh oval loud,
laugh octopus loud,
laugh or loud.
laughter over lies,
laughter on lies,
laughter oh lies,
laughter orange lies,
laughter oval lies,
laughter octopus lies,
laughter or lies.
why did i waste 10 minutes of my life doing that?
lauren is bored. lauren loves eden. happy happy joy joy. come to mine and gimme my picture.

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