Tuesday, June 30, 2009

today is not on my side.
i woke up late, to instant coffee, INSTANT coffee.
got to school. in a downer mood. funny how everyone's so annoying when you don't wanna be around human beings.
got my history essay back with a lovely big NOT ACHIEVED across the top. super.
kept my mouth shut the entire hour of sociology.
best friend tells me at lunch time that some girls i don't even know, and who definately don't even know me, were having a nice little bitch session about something they know nothing about. i love when people make assumptions. so now i'm a "slut". which is awesome. i swear if they had any idea whatsoever, they'd keep their mouths well and truly shut.
on second thought, i guess it's better for them to think what they think, than to know the truth.
had an arguement with someone i despise arguing with.
offloaded onto kels.
pushed away her advice.
sorry kelsey.
cried again.
didn't have the patience for people in english.

oh oh oh, and how about we make it all better; i have parent teacher interviews now. which i have to attend with mother dearest. which will definately result in a lecture, tears and another lecture. no doubt about it.
i do, however, LOVE this picture. we found it in a fashion magazine a while ago. it's gorgeeeous.

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Eden is a Blog said...

i love days like this.

i love you lots more. because i actually hate days like that.