Sunday, June 7, 2009

to do list:
-1000 word classics essay on ancient greek sculpture
-sociology internal
-buy a full length mirror
-stop thinking about boy
-start thinking about school work
-stop feeling
-drink atleast one more double shot coffee today
-tidy my room
-make things right
-cook dinner
-find some sort of appetite to eat dinner
-re paint my nails
-listen to the killers louder in the mornings
-coffee date with beth
-take some "mental health" days off school (wag)
-stop drawing on nina in bio
-stop drawing on emily in history
-stop colouring everything in instead of listening to teachers
-leave school
-journal more
-get my other ear up to 12mm
-get some gloves
-be even more excited about yasmin coming home for good on friday
-less blogspot, more essay (unlikely)
-find more painkillers
-stop checking my phone, he won't text me, silly girl
-move to england with kelsey
-get a magic carpet
-watch aladdin with someone
-stop google image searching brandon flowers
-stop google image searching josh beech
-find my ipod
-tidy up evie's ipod
-take my iron pills
-take my calcium pills
-take my vitamin d pills
-decide what to do with my life. preferably something that doesn't involve 7th form
-hang out with people who have a cool outlook on life
-watch home and away
-right now
-publish post
most things on this list will never get done. but it's a nice idea.

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Kelsey. said...

-remember kelsey loves Lauren.