Monday, June 22, 2009

staring out the window.
memories of you and i.
i never wanted things to be like this.
you'll always be close to my heart.
and I will never forget the times we've had.

for you my friend, i miss the times.
i don't want this all to be the end.
understanding won't mean a thing.
it's hard to deal with what's come between us.

i'll hope that one day you'll forgive.
though i've been foolish with your trust.

oh, no.
watch out, i'm coming back my friend.
i'm sorry for the things i've done.
for you my friend.
remember our talks till three a.m.
it feels like it was just yesterday.
please take this plea because it's all i have.
please take my plea because it's all i have.

rose among the ashes-inhale exhale

pretty much describes it PERFECTLY.

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