Monday, June 29, 2009

kelsey andrew.

where are you in my life? i worked out that i haven't laid eyes on you for like, a month. A MONTH kelsey, not impressed. probably miss you quite a bit. probably believe that we have a lot to catch up on. probably think you should move in next door. seriously, do it. i'd be a very happy girl.

so today in classics, i wasn't doing my work, obviously.
instead; i was looking through hannah's programme for the performing arts competitions. i may or may not have counted how many classes you're shaking your ass (dancing) in. 9 tap, and 7 modern or something? well, that's what i counted. came to the conclusion that you are some kind of dancing machine and that i will be coming to watch one or two of these dances. good. brilliant.
it is true. i miss you a lot. must see you ASAP. or i'll go even crazier than what i am now.
these things remind me of you on a regular basis:

you still have my ricky DVD's. better be taking extra special care. this is turning into a really long post. i don't really care.
is it out of line, if i was to be bold and say, would you be mine?
SAAAYYYYYY IIITTTTTTT. you know what i mean. good girl.
i better be seeing you this weekend. i love you.

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KelseyJayy said...

oh baby, i love you. and miss you, so damn much.