Sunday, June 28, 2009

come closer now, i know your desire is to be desired
steal a kiss yet, and call us friends
distance is the thief in which you conspire

time and time and time will tell, time will tell or tear us apart
you're miles and miles and miles away. silence reveals where we really are

you only stayed to break my heart
i can tell it by the way you run away
runaway girl

it's clearer now, you're nowhere into giving into me
it's your fault, you're like a rare disease
i know you're in love with love, i believe

do you expect me to wait here? all alone in my thoughts and fears
my whole life could flash before your eyes, hope one day that you realize
this isn't the way it's supposed to be, this is your life girl, now without me
may regrets for us well up inside, as feelings for you are buried alive

i only stayed to break your heart
you can tell it by the way i walk away
runaway girl
i only stayed to break your heart
u can tell it by the way i run away
runaway girl
run away ru
naway girl.

this post is mostly just to point out how super excited i am to see anberlin in auckland on the 20th of august. they are most definately one of my favourite bands ever. yay (:

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