Thursday, February 5, 2009

happy happy happy.

my best friend in the whole world goes to school with me now, and we're going to have the best year, lattes, vodafone, lady gaga, playing pretend, having my favourite english teacher again, falling asleep to sigur ros, personal jokes, when lydia sings, lydia, dance parties in my kitchen with sammy and kelsey, sammy and kelsey, auckland friends, the killers, the killers, the killers, the killers, getting along with my sister, sleepovers with my best friend, good books, bargains, cute texts, funny texts, working with bethany, hat-boy, solitaire, bebo, summer, exciting pictures on my schoolbooks, daydreaming, my mentor, pretty songs, 3 cups of tea a day, cute cafes, lunchdates with yasmin, john mayer, phases, elizabethtown, walking to primal with my best friend, having the bestfriend in the whole world.
someone come and see the killers with me?

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