Monday, January 26, 2009


parachute was fuuuun (:
i had the best time. family force 5 on friday night at the palladium and dancing so hard i was drenched, seeing my beautiful girl lydia on the debut, she was incredible, watch out for her next year. meeting the coolest new friends, hanging out with candice, meeting an amazing lady at morning meeting with jane, dance partying, triple shot coffee at midnight, "HER EYES ARE BLUE ON THE OUTSIDE!" + "I"M THE GRUDGE!", supporters cafe, powerade, massive handgames in the village at night, getting amazingly brown, afternoon showers, to write love on her arms stand, hamilton friends, getting to know kelsey, coco pops everywhere, worship with the ember days, 5 person spoon in a little tent that wasn't even ours, on sunday night with candice, sammy, daniel, myself and teagan, packing my tent up super quick and super well, getting home on monday and sleeping from 4PM-9AM.
but mostly, friends (:

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chrissybizzle said...

i wish we hung out more, but i love you!